are you a mom of a 1- or 2-year-old who is

Exhausted preparing for toddler learning activities?

I understand how tiring it is to stay up late at night searching for glue sticks, colored markers, and 10 things that start with the letter B, just so you're not plopping your toddler in front of the TV tomorrow. How frustrating it is to spend an hour making an enriching activity that your child stays with for only five minutes. Not to mention all those hours on Pinterest searching for toddler activities and wondering whether your child will actually enjoy them.

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The secret to becoming happy and confident about the things you do with your toddler each day.

Spoiler alert! It's not spending hours searching and downloading activities and endlessly preparing materials...

With the FREE "45 Stress-Free Toddler Activities", you will

  • Get (at least) an extra 20 minutes a day to do what you want, when you stop wasting time with any activity prep that doesn't work for you.
  • Stop feeling guilty when you see what other moms and kids are doing.
  • Stop worrying that your child is missing out just because you don't have an endless supply of "sensory" bottles or activity boxes.

Get 45 Activities That Help Your Toddler Learn Through Play

No prep activities that you can

  • Easily include in your routine
  • Customize to come up with even more activities
  • Do with materials that you already have at home

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